Outline of the Scholl policy
1.月謝:"GESSHA"-Monthly Fee(Article13)
The monthly fee for this institution can be paid by automatic withdrawal only.
-The fee will be withdrawn on the first of every month for that month.
-If the fee cannot be withdrawn for some reason, a letter will be sent to the member and the fee will be withdrawn with the following month's fee, on the first of the following month.
2.休会:”KYUUKAI”- Absence of One month or more. (Article9) 
-If you plan to be absent for a period of one month or more, you must fill out a "Kyukai Todoke" or permission to be absent form and pay a 1,050yen absence fee.
-The form must be submitted at the front desk no later than the 25th of the previous month, or the monthly fee will be charged as usual.
-If you cannot submit the form in person, a phone call will be acceptable.
*In this case please be sure to make a note of the name of the receptionist you speak to.
-One permission form is valid for one, two, or three months absence. If you plan to be absent for more than three months please discuss it with the front desk.
-The permission for absence policy is very strictly enforced. If for some reason you are not sure whether you will be able to attend for one month it is recommended that you apply for absence.
-If you apply to be absent, but then attend during that month. You will be charged the regular monthly fee minus 1,000yen already paid for permission to be absent.
*It is the responsibility of each member to ensure that their forms are filled out and submitted properly and on time. The management is not responsible for late applications and will, in this case, charge the monthly fee as usual.
3.退会:"TAIKAI"-Membership Cancellation(Article10)
-In order to cancel your membership a "Taikaitodoke" or cancellation form must be filled out no later than the 25th of the previous month.
-If this form is not filled out, membership fees will be withdrawn each month as usual.
*Automatic Cancellation
In the case of nonpayment of fees for two months, membership will be automatically be cancelled by the institution.
-If you wish to renew your membership anytime after an automatic cancellation, all outstanding fees must be paid in full.